On behalf of its members, promoting international trade
and commerce since 1992

Anatoly Chubais, CEO, RUSNANO Addresses the Council

Ambassador James Collins, Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program for the Carnegie Endowment, conducts the Q& A session.


The San Francisco Global Trade Council is a membership organization that promotes international trade and commerce. Our mission is to provide a valuable platform for corporations, government and the diplomatic community to build global business alliances and partnerships.

For over 15 years, the Global Trade Council has been a leader in providing opportunities for US businesses to build strategic global alliances and partnerships. The Council, founded by Harry Orbelian, is widely known for its trade missions, including missions to Cuba, Russia and China, and for producing high level local programs and symposia on international trade and commerce issues. Partnered with the US Department of Commerce, the US Export-Import Bank and the Mayor's Office of International Trade and Commerce, the Council provides unique, practical business-to-business counsel to its members. The Council's membership includes major corporations, manufacturing and service industries, federal, state and local government representatives and members of San Francisco's elite diplomatic community.

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